Bots Overview

A bot is a virtual entity able to interact with humans or systems. In AEI Studio, a bot is primarily defined by an identity (name, avatar, etc.) and a combination of skills. When you pick a skill, you have to pick a specific version of it.

Whenever you change the version of a skill, it will create a new version for this bot. Creating a new bot version requires training the bot, which might take some time depending on the complexity of its skills. A bot version can be TRAINING (can’t be used yet), GENERATED (can be used) or IN USE (the one that will be used when anyone talks to the bot).

The Slots tab gives an overview of the slots defined in the different bot skills, and allows setting their default values for this specific bot.

Bot Settings

Apart from the bot identity, there are several things you can configure when creating a bot:

  • the fallback message is what the bot will answer when it receives some input but it can’t find any story to handle it
  • the auto-generate option will, if enabled, generate a new version of the bot every time there is a new version of one of its skills. The newly created bot version will not be selected to be used by default: it’s up to you to test it and decide when you want to make it used by your users.
  • the sensitive option will, if enabled, prevent our system from saving the conversations with this bot. No one (including you) will be able to see the conversations that happened with this bot.