Testing & Debugging


You can test a bot by using the Simulator, available in the bottom right of the bot page. It simulates a chat application, allowing to interact with your bot just like a regular user.

Some extra features are available if you expand the chat header:

  • you can reload the session to make sure the version IN USE is the one used in this simulator session.
  • you can force a specific version to be used. This is useful to test a version before it’s used by others.
  • you can send a trigger to the bot


In the History page, you can find all the conversations between users and your bots, including the conversations you had with the Simulator.

User information is anonymized, which means you won’t be able to see any user name or ID. Bots that are marked as sensitive will also be excluded from this page.

If you click on a single entry of the history log, you will be able to view the whole conversation. By clicking on the eye icon on the top of this view, you will see everything that happened, including which intents and entities were recognized, which slots were set and which actions were executed.