Using the button on the top right of the skill page, you can access the export feature to save the whole content of a skill into a file.

You can later import a skill by selecting an exported file in the skill creation dialog. It is useful if you’re modifying a skill but want to be able to easily go back to an older version.

FAQ Import

It is also possible to import a simple question/answer structure from a CSV file.

The CSV file should be formatted as follows:

  • The document must be a CSV file, and have exactly three columns called Group ID, Question and Answer.
  • Each group corresponds to 1 intent, 1 reply and 1 story connecting the two.
  • Group IDs have to be unique.
  • Multiple Questions within a Group will be saved as examples for the same intent.
  • Similarly, multiple Answers within a Group will be saved as variations for the same reply.

Download a template