In order to be able to use a skill in a bot, you need to publish it thanks to the Versions tab. To publish a skill, you only need to provide a version name and to indicate who will be able to use this skill version:

  • Owner means only the owner of the skill will be able to use it in a bot. A skill owner is the person who created it, but you can change ownership by going to the Permissions tab.
  • Organization means that all members of an organization will be able to use the skill version. Organizations are for professional customers. Users who signed up from the website have no organization.
  • Everyone means everyone can use it.

You can change the scope of a skill version after the publication, but only to broaden it (you can’t reduce it, because existing bots might be using that skill version already).

When publishing a skill, all the bots that are using the skill and have enabled the auto-generate option will generate a new bot version with the newly published skill.