Slots form the memory of the bot: they allow bots to remember some information over time. They can also be included in Replies, and be used in formulas or conditions in Stories.

When creating a slot, there are a few things you can configure:

  • the slot type indicates what kind of data is stored in the slot. By default, slots are just Text, but it can also be a Number, a Duration or a Date. Using specific types allows you to use formulas in Stories. For example, you can add the values of two slots of type Number, or you can assign the value now to a slot of type Date, and it will give you the current date when the slot is used.
  • the default value will be used if the slot is accessed and there was no other value saved.
  • the lifespan configures how long the slot will be remembered. If you set it to Story, the slot will be remembered only during the story where it was set. If you never want to lose the slot value, choose Forever.
  • the sensitive option should be enabled when you intend to save personal or sensitive information about the user into this slot. The value will then be encrypted so that only the bot will have access to it. See the Privacy section to know more about this.

A local slot is usable only within its skill. A shared slot doesn’t belong to a specific skill, it is global and can be used by multiple skills.