Which languages are supported?

We currently support English and Korean.

How many training examples do I need?

The more, the better! Actually, it really depends on the nature of the intent. If sentences are short e.g. 1-2 words, it will require more examples. On the other hand, more complex sentences will a lot of words are generally easier to categorize.

A good way to find more examples for your intents is to share a first version of the bot with other people and see what they say to the bot. They will almost always find expressions that you didn’t imagine. Use the History menu to find out what they said. You can even filter user input by intent and see the ones for which no intent was found. A few iterations of testing and improvements should lead you to a pretty solid bot.

When should I create an entity?

Create an entity whenever you want to use some part of the user input in one of these ways:

  • reuse it in a reply from the bot (e.g the name of the user)
  • send it to a webhook or a builtin action (e.g. the location for the weather action)

What does a slot lifespan mean?

A slot lifespan is how long the bot will remember the value saved in the slot. By default, it only remembers it during the current story, but you can choose to remember it for a fixed period of time or forever.

Can I add 2 slots together?

Yes, by using the Set slot action in a story. You can use slots and basic operators as shown below:

How can I get the current date/time?

When you use Set Slot in your story, the text field supports “smart” input when the slot type is Date. You can input now so that the slot will get the current date and time. Other keywords are supported: today 5pm, tomorrow, next monday, etc.

How can I handle plural of a word based on a slot?

It is possible to have a dynamic reply based on the value of a slot if the slot is of type Number. Just insert the slot into your reply and click on it to see the Plural menu appear. See more about plurals.

Why isn’t my skill listed during bot creation?

You may have forgotten to publish your skill. A skill is only usable by a bot after it has been published. See more about skill publishing.

I changed something in my skill but the bot does not apply my changes.

If you made changes in your skill and want to test your bot right away, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Publish a new version of your skill
  2. If the bot is in auto-generate mode, a new version should have been generated automatically. Otherwise, you have to select the new version of the skill from your bot page to create a new version manually.
  3. Once the new bot version is available, you can either click Use to make it the current version of your bot, or just expand the Simulator header to reveal the list of versions. Pick the version you want and it will be used by the Simulator.

Once you start a session with a bot, the bot keeps the same version until the conversation is finished. If you want to “force” the bot to use the latest version, you can use Event API’s ReloadSession event, or click on the refresh icon in the Simulator.

Can I display my bot on my website?

Sure, and we make it easier for you by providing the Web Embed integration, available on your bot page. After configuring how the widget should look like, you will be given an <iframe> block that you can insert in your page. See more about integrations.