AEI Studio is a platform to design, test and host bots capable of rich and complex conversations.

Develop and combine skills

A skill represents the ability to handle a conversation about a single, specific domain. That includes understanding user input and determining how to react to it. In addition to simple replies, bots can also execute a wide range of actions.

A bot combines multiple skills and has an identity.

Create your own skills or just re-use those developed by the community!

Full UI experience

Creating a whole skill is possible without writing any code. You can go from nothing to a production-grade chatbot displayed on your website without knowing any programming language.

Every step is done using a visual interface. Color codes help you identify what the main components of a skill are.

You can also review past conversations to get a comprehensive history of what happened in your bot’s “brain” (why it answered a certain way).

Proactive bots

Bots created in AEI Studio can do more than replying to questions: they can initiate conversations. Instead of just waiting for end users to provide some inputs, bots can say something or execute some action on their own.

Proactive conversations are either triggered by a scheduled event (e.g. reminders) or by an external event (e.g. sent by an IoT device), using our Event API. Our retry mechanism also allows bots to repeat questions after some idle time.

Easy integration

You can easily connect your bot to 3rd party messengers such as Telegram or Slack.

You can display a widget on your website to let visitors talk to your bot.

Using our APIs, you can build your own app and access your bots programmatically.

Interested? Get started right now, it’s free!